Sweden in Conflict mentioned on RPS

My game, Sweden in Conflict, has been mentioned on one of the gaming sites i read, Rock Paper Shotgun. It was a very nice surprise, since we didn't advertise at all.

In other news, i have started working together with Blast Door Interactive on a yet unannounced project, and updated this site a little so my Ecma script won't cause problems anymore.


A very short news bit, two game added but without screenshots, they look way better in motion. Timetanic and Sweden in Conflict. I'm putting all my energy into the FPS project now, maybe i will have time to add screens later... and the last two remaining games, just before the deadline.


Two weeks to deadline

I just added two full game pages. The final deadline for this page to be ready is April 16th so you can look forward to a lot of new content before then.

I've also taken some time this weekend to hunt down all my JavaScript bugs and get my site HTML validated at W3Schools :) Should add the icon soon.


First post

I'm still in the middle of developing this site, updates will appear frequently untill i have uploaded every project i have done so far.


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